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Posted by Ms.T on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Under: SCRIPS
SinceTheresNothingElse2Do I decided to write a love letter, the only problem is where do I send it? But maybe just maybe You will read it here :)

Every day I think of You while every night I dream of You, tossing and turning in my bed, heart racing, sweat pouring thoughts of You get to me everytime. People will never understand why I love You but it isnt a "thing" for people to understand. This "thing" called "love" isnt always real but with You its all I can feel. Never really knowing if You feel the same way eats me up inside, perhaps one day I will know and You will show me but until that day I can only wait and for You I will. The anticipation of seeing you again floods my nerves, shakey hands and timid replays to the messages we exchange. I never want to say the wrong thing always wanting You to want me . We argue over the dumbest things but I tell myself that its because You indeed love me enough to even care. Its been months, weeks almost a year but Im still here waiting because I love You and always will forever more. These 3 days will be the longest in my life.
Loving You through and through,


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