"Blue Nose"
Lead Single Off The Bad Seed's New Album
'Ceaser Borgia'



Seasoned NY-bred emcee The Bad Seed recently released a 10-track album entitled 'Ceaser Borgia.' The lead single "Blue Nose" produced by Team Demo (50 Cent "Crime Wave"), continues to top indie charts throughout the boroughs of NY and worldwide.

"Blue Nose" embodies the life of The Bad Seed and being raised by the hood. His distinct storytelling and cutthroat lyrics transcend listeners through blocks cursed by guns, knives, and blues. It's evident The Bad Seed holds his own and reigns over "moist" rappers and their bubble gum wrapper war stories.

Listen to "Blue Nose" and we appreciate any spins. The Bad Seed is available for interviews and drops. To schedule please reply back or contact The Bad Seed directly at Thank you in advance for your support -MJ


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Arrested Development Announces the Release of
Their New Album

‘Don’t Fight Your Demons’
Available on All Platforms on September 25th, 2020


Arrested Development, the 2x Grammy Award Winning, groundbreaking iconic music group, and Hip Hop pioneers continue their forward march of curating conscious, revolutionary music formulated to bring societal issues to the forefront and ignite change. Their new album, ‘Don’t Fight Your Demons’ set to release everywhere on September 25th, is no exception.
The 16-track album features a selection of eclectic musicians including Kuf Knotz, Skyy High, Christine Elise, O’hene Savant, Rambo, Let The Dirt Say Amen, Fro Magnum Man, MRK SX, and is executively produced by Speech for Vagabond Productions and Configa for Configa Records. 
The group assures fans and listeners this is no hit or miss album.  Each track is distinct in style, flow, and vibe, with influential wordplay and infectious soundscapes. They breakdown and take apart worldly injustices, the current state of racism, grueling masks of politics, and on the flip side offer empowering gems on how to overcome and rise through.
The production throughout the entire album channels a continuous kaleidoscope of invigorating bass, soul, funk, worldly tones, and even innovative cadences ear-pleasing to a younger generation of music connoisseurs.
‘Don’t Fight Your Demons’ ideally serves as a “how-to” handbook brimming with incomparable lyricism, storytelling, and cognizant awareness delivered in a fashion only Arrested Development can carry through.


Pre-order ‘Don’t Fight Your Demons’ here 
Stream/download the lead single “Becoming’ here

‘Don’t Fight Your Demons’ DJ Pack

For Arrested Development Business email
Connect with Speech and Arrested Development here

'Don't Fight Your Demons' DJ Pack

"Becoming" (1st single off the album)

 Becoming Video Edit.wav
Becoming Video (Teaser)

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